Marcus Sousa

Frontend Developer

I like to work between Design and Development, implementing interactive mockups, focusing on interactions and user experience, always taking scalability into consideration.

Main Stack

TypeScript React

Looking to evolve in the JavaScript ecosystem, I ended up focusing mainly on React since 2016.

Using React Storybook, I like working with components with built-in CSS, providing a simpler solution to maintain component integrity, focusing on reuse, mitigating visual conflicts.

React Native

I have created a weather forecast application consuming an external API and a CRUD application using Google Firebase as the Backend.

HTML / CSS / Figma

I am passionate about everything related to CSS, it's where I like to relax from time to time. I like to create styleguides, naming patterns, always aiming for scalability and maintainability.

Professional Experience

2012 - Present

Frontend Developer


During the pandemic my tech leader has needed to move to another project so I became the only frotend developer, fot that reason the big challenge was to deal with the team reduction and the deadlines but keeping the code quality.
STACK: HTML / CSS / React (TypeScript) since 2016

2006 - 2012

Web Designer - UX/UI


I've Helped to build a solid css style library with the team to be used on company's products, worked on a Rails application using pure JavaScript with JQuery for manipulating the DOM. And for testing the application we used Selenium, also, I was the responsible for company's website, at that time I worked with PHP in a Wordpress platform.

Designed and implemented interfaces focusing on user experience and responsive layouts, using fake data and static HTML. I implemented mail templates, and worked with PHP CMS like Wordpress and Drupal. Started to work on a Rails Application using JavaScript and JQuery to improve the UX.